IROS from Oct  1 -5, 2023

The Last-Mile Robotics Workshop: Envisioning Effective, Sustainable and Human-Centric Delivery

at IROS 2023

Full Day Workshop at IROS 2023  |  Detroit, U.S.A

 Timing :   8.30 AM - 5.30 PM    |    Date: October 1 , Sunday   |     Room: 250A

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The last-mile delivery, which focuses on delivering goods to customers, is expensive, challenging and contributes significantly to global carbon emissions. The recent pandemic and expansion of e-commerce have accelerated the adoption of last-mile ecosystems, including micro-fulfilment, dark stores, and a variation of ground and aerial robots. Moreover, the norms of last-mile delivery are changing with evolving consumer needs and industry requirements for sustainability and human-centricity. The next wave of autonomous last-mile robots will be human-centric and energy-efficient, combining advanced technical capabilities with collaborative aspects. 

This workshop aims to explore and discuss existing and envisioned robot-assisted last-mile delivery models, systems and technologies, identifying key challenges, research gaps, and real-world problems. The key questions to be addressed include

 1.  The lessons learned from past last-mile delivery robot projects 

2. The autonomous features of last-mile robots that address human acceptance and include collaborative elements to enhance customer experience, 

3.  The opportunities and challenges in using heterogeneous fleets for rapid and frequent delivery, 

4.  How to advance and mature the technologies utilized in last-mile robots, and 

5. How existing regulations and standards influence the technological development and deployment of these systems to ensure that they are safe,  environmentally friendly and sustainably deployed. 

The workshop will encourage poster/paper submissions exploring innovative, creative and futuristic solutions for last-mile delivery using intelligent robots. The workshop aims to build a research community to engage and contribute to realising next-gen last-mile robots and sustainable delivery models, bridging the gap between researchers, logistic operators and entrepreneurs.

Invited Speakers

Title:  Operate everywhere, every time under every condition - Autonomous software features for last-mile robot platforms in unstructured and uncertain environments

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Betz

Assistant Professor, 

Head of the Autonomous Vehicle Systems Lab

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Title:  Towards harmonious robot mobility in pedestrian environments

Prof. Christoforos Mavrogiannis

Assistant Professor, Michigan Robotics

University of Michigan

Title: Designing Perception and Action for Autonomous Aerial Transportation and Delivery

Prof. Giuseppe Loianno

Assistant Professor

Director of the Agile Robotics and Perception Lab

New York University

Title:  The right tool for the job-robot design for varying last-mile delivery segments 

Dr. Justin Storms

Director of Engineering, Autonomy and Robotics

Refraction AI 

Title: Electric vehicle routing and including smart charging method and energy constraints

Prof. Maria Pia Fanti 

Polytechnic of Bari, Italy 

Title: The Next-Generation Platform for Last Mile Deliveries with Zipline

Dr. Ryan Wolcott

Autonomy Lead


Title: The Grand Challenges of Last-Mile Delivery: a Short Introduction

Prof. Paolo Dario,

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy

Title: Challenges in multi-agent planning for scaled packages with drones

Dr. Anthony Narkawicz

Principal Scientist

Last-mile drone delivery

Amazon Robotics

Title: Regulations: A city’s approach to the deployment of sustainable last-mile drone and UGV robots

Dr. Tarek Taha

Robotics Lab Lead

Dubai Future Labs


Dr. Rajkumar Muthusamy

Senior Robotics Scientist

Dubai Future Labs,  U.A.E


Prof. Paolo Dario

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy 

Prof. Maria Pia Fanti 

Polytechnic of Bari, Italy 

Dr. Rajkumar Muthusamy

Senior Robotics Scientist

Dubai Future Labs,  U.A.E

Dr. Tarek Taha

Lead - Robotics Lab

Dubai Future Labs,  U.A.E

Important Dates 

Submission Guidelines

We welcome authors to submit extended abstracts (short papers) showcasing relevant work on workshop topics, including field-collected dataset analysis, robot technologies and platforms, interactive demonstrations, and innovative, creative, and futuristic solutions for last-mile delivery using intelligent robots.


List of Topics (but not limited to)